Our Founders

Isai Torres traveled to Burundi, Africa in 2004 to work and train in local churches and to establish a bible school. In 2006, he returned with Samantha and continued strengthening and training leaders in local churches. Upon their time in Burundi, they witnessed many children suffering from hunger to rejection in the streets to many simple people becoming dependent on handouts and having lost their sense of virtue and purpose in life. Children having lost their parents and left to fend for themselves, having to give up their hopes and dreams as they were forced in a new life of struggle and pain; many times forced to leave school and become servants.
Isai, Malakai, Samantha, Isabella
Upon returning back to the US months later Samantha continued her work with foster care and adoption and together they continued ministering to the homeless, drug addicts in centers and detention centers for youth. As the months passed, they could not forget the faces of those suffering, searching for hope. During this time, Samantha had two vivid visions. The first vision was of them leading a multitude of broken children over a green mountain top to safety and peace. The second vision consisted of them hearing cries coming from a big broken down building in the valley with a big lock on the outside closing the doors together. As they broke the lock off, there were a massive amount of scared and broken children piled on top of one another. One by one, they rescued them and gave them hope for their futures. The Cries of a Child, responding to the cries of the forgotten was birthed from a burden to rescue children and restore them in their communities and the Kingdom of God along with raising them up as future leaders in their nation.

While living in the US in 2008, they were expecting their firstborn son Isai Lazarus. During this year, the Lord began to compel the hearts of Isai and Samantha to respond to those children who were crying out for help. As time continued, they began to get direction from God and a mission to build children’s homes, a meeting room, a clinic and a trade school to rescue and empower “the least of these” dear to the heart of the Father. In August 2008, their son Isai Lazarus passed away just six weeks before his time to be born. As it was devastating and challenging all together, it pushed them forward to follow the mission God had set before them… to care for His children, in the midst of losing their own. In November 2008, they founded The Cries of a Child based out of Orlando, Fl.

Marie Gonzalez had a dream in the summer of 2007. This dream entailed of a big house where multitudes of needy children gathered for shelter, basic necessities and most importantly love. Her entire family was present in the dream, united as the met these children in their most dire need. Marie, not understanding the meaning of this dream kept it tucked away within her heart. One year later, while her husband Eusebio was attending a conference, he felt an overwhelming passion and desire to support orphaned children. This desire became urgent in his heart when a man shared with him how when he looked at him, he saw him feeding a small orphaned child. These words only confirmed in his heart their mission in life to respond to the cries of a child. Eusebio and Marie remembering the hearts cry of Isai and Samantha knew they had to lock arms in Co-Founding TCOAC.

Isai and Samantha Torres moved to Burundi in February 2009 to follow this mission. They gave birth to their second son Malaki Daniel in May of 2010 and their daughter Isabella Nasya in 2012 in Burundi and are still living there as Executive Directors over the work. In January 2011, they opened the first 2 children’s homes and in May 2011 began the construction of “The Village of Jeremiah 29:11”.