Cornerstone Clinic Staff Spotlight

We are so blessed to have a caring, faith-filled staff at Cornerstone Clinic and we thought you all would like to meet them too!  This month’s spotlight shines bright on our nurse intern, Ngendakumana Thierry.

Thierry started with Cornerstone Clinic in May 2019.  In 2012, he met the leaders of TCOAC in his home church in Bujumbura. In 2019, Thierry met Samantha (Mama Malaki) again in Bukeye.  He remembered her and realized how much he appreciated the testimony of “a couple on mission” that he had heard seven years earlier. At that same time, Thierry was looking for a clinic that held the same values that he aspired to use in his professional life.  

During his medical studies, Thierry had specific desires in his heart and a vision. He wanted to work in a place where patients could receive holistic care (physically, morally and spiritually). After this meeting with Mama Malaki, Thierry became more and more curious about TCOAC and investigated further. He realized TCOAC was what he was looking for in many ways. He was determined to give his resume to TCOAC so he contacted the organization to make an appointment and met with the HR manager.  He enthusiastically shared his desires to work at Cornerstone Clinic and later received a call back for his interview. Thierry, who had just recently graduated, was selected to start as a nurse intern.

Shortly after he started at the clinic, Thierry was so amazed because during a staff meeting Mama Malaki asked each of the staff members if TCOAC was the right place for them. He was able to answer her honestly, without any doubt, that he rejoiced in having found TCOAC. Thierry has dedicated his personal and professional life to our cause of responding to the cries of the forgotten through the love of Christ.

Thierry shares that often it’s not easy to address every patient and their need. And he sometimes feels limited in supporting and caring for them as he would like which often leaves him feeling powerless. However, Thierry rejoices when patients feel comfortable sharing their lives with him and the fact that he can truly listen to them with his heart open.

He enjoys giving his time and being able to demonstrate love and compassion to his patients. His joy also comes from his love for the vision and the values of TCOAC, to show Jesus Christ’s love to people every day. Thierry believes he is at the right place, at the right moment, doing the right thing with the right people.

We believe it too.  If you feel called to support TCOAC and the Cornerstone Clinic, please prayerfully consider making a gift to support our work and mission. 

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