Clinic Spotlight: Julius

Julius (right) with fellow colleague, Moise

It was a beautiful night—quieter than other nights—and I was on duty with my colleague at the Clinic.

Suddenly, we heard a car approaching. We stepped outside and were immediately met by Samantha (Mama Malachi) who had brought in an unconscious patient. She had just found him almost lifeless on the roadside. Samantha recounted that she was driving towards the Clinic and, by a miracle, she noticed a man lying down on the side of the road.  Worried about his condition and knowing she was just an instrument of God’s work, she picked him up and brought him directly to the Clinic for the appropriate care. When we first received the patient, we performed our initial examination and all vital signs were normal but we quickly surmised that he was completely intoxicated and had passed out due to the consumption. We keep check on him and provided the necessary care, yet he remained unconscious. We put all our efforts into trying to bring him back to a decent state so we carefully washed his wounded body, dressed him in new clothes and washed his dirty ones.

Around one in the morning, he woke up. We were deeply thankful!

Upon waking, the patient did not know where he was or how he arrived at the Clinic.  He was full of regret. We sat with him and listened to his story.  He explained how he put his life in danger through his irresponsible actions and he apologized from the bottom of his broken heart.  He promised that this type of situation was the last and he would not place his life in jeopardy again.  The conversation turned toward the Word of GOD. We felt called to explain how God would be the best choice for his life instead of putting his life in danger each day again and again. 

The following morning, our head nurse, Jerome, wanted to meet with the patient to get to know him better.  We soon learned that the patient’s mother and father passed away and he was living by himself.  He was trying to provide for his needs through his hard work and he also was responsible for the daily needs of some close relatives as well. He worked in the fields and performed transport for heavy loads—all to make money—but, unfortunately, he spent all his savings on alcohol. His addiction to alcohol caused more issues and led to a very challenging life. He recounted to Jerome how the previous day he was transporting a heavy load on his bicycle and then went to drink until he lost consciousness.  He was thankful for the unexpected care and treatment received from complete strangers. He opened his heart and shared the many struggles in his life.  As Jerome listened carefully, he felt led to share the gospel and the patient decided to give his life to Jesus. 

When our patient left, he was happy! He had received advice and contact information for people who can help him to take the next right steps to begin a life with God.  We are reminded to stop for the one.  We are encouraged to help the helpless.  We are the workers of God’s word.

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