Clinic Staff Spotlight: Abi

Our new midwife, Abi, shared the following testimony about Cydric*,  who is pictured above with one of our doctors.

One Saturday in January, four of us went on an impromptu hike. Being unplanned, we left later than initially suggested and set off with only a basic idea of a route.   We decided to walk along a river, which did not have a clear path and one woman kept shouting out “you’re going the wrong way.”  Initially, we persisted with our route until we realized there was more shade her way. Once on the path, she disappeared, leaving us to stumble on the home of a Batwa family. While there, Sam inquired about a mama she knew and was told her child had been sick for six months.  After following the directions to her home, we did not find her but the woman who had directed us onto the path. It was, in fact, her child, Cydric, who was sick. We found the child wrapped only in an oversized coat on a cold day, naked underneath. 

Assessing him briefly in the privacy of his dark home, his legs were stiff, body gaunt, and eyes sad. His mum explained that for the last six months, he could barely walk and had lost his appetite. She had five children and had been left by herself with very limited means, to care for the children.

Sam invited her to bring Cydric to Cornerstone Clinic, which she said she’d do in a couple of days. We left really having a sense that God had directed our paths that day.  Multiple times we went to take different routes and to complete things in different timings but He had a plan. Even on the way home, we took a different route and I bumped into a friend I met ten years previously—it was all perfect timing! 

I also wondered what could be making Cydric so ill and whether we’d be able to treat him anyway. Monday came and Cydric’s family brought him as promised. In the light of the clinic, it did not take long for the practicing doctor to see the cause of his problem–severe jiggers causing infections. This had led to him not wanting to walk, due to the pain, then to muscle stiffness and wastage, loss of appetite, and general ill-health. He stayed at Cornerstone for almost two weeks. Cydric received wound care, physiotherapy, and nutritional support from the nurses to aid his recovery. He evolved from a child who was feeble in body and spirit, to a child bouncing around the clinic with a big smile on his face! 

His situation appeared somewhat hopeless the day we met him.  We did not have answers.  We only knew that God led us that way. There is a very high chance Cydric would have lost his life to something as ‘simple’ as jiggers, but God had a plan for him.  Cydric left the clinic after two weeks and headed home stronger, healthier, and happier than when he arrived.  He will receive ongoing follow-up from our Social Program. To me, he’s a miracle.

*name changed for privacy purposes

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