Clinic Staff Spotlight: Chanel

In 2016, I started as a receptionist at Cornerstone Clinic.  In my position, I can see God’s work in my own life, as well as the life of the Clinic.  God uses my skills far beyond my expectations. Before arriving at the Clinic, I didn’t know I had anything to contribute to this world.  I often felt hopeless and dejected. But since I began my work at the Clinic, I have discovered a new perspective and find myself in a place that has a hand in the kingdom of righteousness and of joy and peace. At the Clinic, we see so much need of love and compassion and we are called to lead others to a new life in Christ.

I can attest to having seen many patients who testify healings and better lives through prayer. I find great comfort in our morning prayer time where we lift our hearts to God and exalt Him!  I am always especially touched to see patients, after some days of being hospitalized, show their sincere gratitude before going home–Even though this practice is not at all a habit for our Burundian culture. I can even remember some of our former patients returning with gifts to thank us and express their gratitude for the love and compassion they received through the care at the Clinic.

Cornerstone Clinic is a blessing for me and our Burundian community. For this reason, we pray to God to make us grow more in our own calling. May God allow us to be able to fulfill the the task of changing the world as He had opened a way to do so.  My dream is to be always ready to work for our Almighty God and serve the world. May God strength me in this purpose.

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