Clinic Staff Spotlight: Lydie Wolff

Lydie is a development nurse for TCOAC and at Cornerstone Clinic.  She focuses primarily on supporting nurse development among the staff and is directly involved in patient care.  Lydie’s passion for patient care and the incredible assistance she gives our staff is seen in every facet of our work here in Burundi.

Lydie has been with TCOAC for three years.  “The opportunity to join TCOAC appeared because of the right relationship,” Lydie recalls.  She joined fellow colleagues in Bujumbura and because she enjoyed nursing, she inquired if anyone knew of a place to practice her profession.  She learned that Cornerstone Clinic had recently opened and her colleague reached out to Samantha.  God opened the door for both Lydie and TCOAC and the time and place were right for His work to begin.  Lydie shares that she loves children and, of course nursing, so God led her to the perfect place.

Lydie shares that one of the biggest challenges she and her fellow colleagues face is working with limited supplies and medications, limited access to specialists and surgical procedures, as well as limited comprehensive exams like X-rays, MRIs, anatomopathological analysis.  Knowing that in other countries, some of the same illnesses are treated quickly and effectively just means that Lydie and the team she supports must be creative in finding ways to care for patients and devise solutions with less opportunities. Lydie is grateful to be learning so much as a professional.  She also shared a deep appreciation for learning about different cultures and communications through her work with staff, patients, and partners from across the world.

When asked about her greatest joy, Lydie shares that she has the blessing and privilege to interact with some of the most skilled specialists from around the world and when she and the Cornerstone Clinic staff are faced with a difficult medical case, she calls upon an amazing network of caring individuals who stand ready to help.  Lydie shared a recent example of conversing with a pediatrician in Paris about the feeding needs for a very low weight baby (1.250 kg or 2.7 lbs).  She received the appropriate answer from 5,000 miles away which resulted in administering the accurate dosage increase and now the baby is thriving!

Living in Bukeye presents some challenging situations but as soon as Lydie encounters a child smiling from ear to ear, she knows there’s no place she would rather be than in the center of Africa in Bukeye with her TCOAC family!

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