Clinic Staff Spotlight: Moise

Moise started with our Clinic in November 2019 as a nurse intern.  He shares that he was a bit nervous when he first arrived and wondered what to expect of a new place, a new life and working with a new team.  But after a very warm welcome and leaning on the support of his colleagues, Moise quickly began to feel like he had found his family.

Like so many who either work at or visit the Village of Jeremiah, Moise noticed that TCOAC and Cornerstone Clinic are more than places of employment.  We are a Christian family focused on Mission.  Moise is most touched by the active prayer life he witnesses every day—physicians and the staff are praying for their patients and firmly believe that, except for their treatment, it is truly only God who can heal and save lives.

“The staff cares for the patients on every dimension.  This same team helps the patient accept Jesus as the King and Savior for his or her life,” Moise says.  While it is difficult for Moise to describe what his life has been like for the past three months in the TCOAC family, he offers this prayer: “May the Lord, the Almighty, continue to make Him known among our neighborhood near and far by TCOAC testimony.” 


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