Clinic Staff Spotlight: Moses

In November 2019, I joined Cornerstone Clinic as an intern nurse.  The past six months have been a time of blessings for me. I have had the opportunity to study nursing practices and learn from my fellow staff members.  The time has been especially meaningful because of the manifestation of God’s love for this children that I witness every day through the work of TCOAC.  

I would like to share a case that deeply touched my heart (of course there are many!). I remember it very well.  It was the first day of work at the clinic and we were reviewing the services with our administrator, Gérard, and visiting patients. We passed by a little boy who was sitting on the stairs. And Gérard said to me, “When you pray, pray also for this boy. He was diagnosed with advanced cancer.” We then continued on with our tour of the clinic.  During my time in nursing school, I learned a small amount of information about palliative care; however, a few days later, I realized how many people are in desperate need of this kind of moral, physical, material and spiritual support.

The child on the stairs was Brice.  His health gradually worsened by severe pain and swelling, which was accompanied by sores with too much bleeding (sometimes requiring blood transfusion).  Ultimately, the amputation of his left arm was needed for palliative purposes and to save his life.  All I have to say is: THANK YOU SO MUCH TO TCOAC FAMILY.  I often think to myself, “What family could endure to see their 12-year-old boy suffer without too much hope of recovery, and still add health costs to it?” Glory be to God and thanks to TCOAC because families in extreme poverty are seen and loved.  They are taken care of in every aspect: mind, body and heart.  The impact that TCOAC has made on Brice and his family is very significant and appreciated not only by his family but also by our staff.  We are able to fulfill our mission of helping through God’s love.

As I write this testimony, Brice is in a coma. However,  I want to thank the TCOAC family even more for their spiritual, physical, moral support in continuing to offer palliative care to Brice and his family.  I invite everyone and everyone to pray for Brice. Our God, who resurrected Lazarus, can save Brice.  But if that is not His plan, we can pray that one day, we will find ourselves in heaven happy with him.

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