Clinic Staff Spotlight: Wencesslas

Nitunga Wencesslas is a member of the Cornerstone Clinic cleaning team and has been with the TCOAC family for four years.  Wencesslas wanted to share his story because of the impact TCOAC has made on his life.

Wencesslas lives on one of the surrounding mountains and it takes him approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours to travel to and from work each day by foot.  He is one of seven children and while his father is still alive, his mother passed away recently.  Wencesslas studied pedagogy in school and became a teacher.  He had been looking for a job when he heard about TCOAC and potential positions available.  “I am a believer” shares Wencesslas so he applied for a position on the cleaning team and was hired. He says he loves his work and tries to do it to the best of his ability–all in a quest for excellence. Wencesslas enjoys the peaceful relationships he has created with the patients and really listens to them.  This is one of the greatest values of his life.

Wencesslas has much praise and appreciation for the TCOAC leaders.  “Our activities always include God!” he shares.  The morning devotions are a huge support for everyone who attends and Wencesslas has been deeply impacted by these gatherings. “It’s an opportunity to meditate on God’s love. We learn to rely on God and His strengths for our work,” he says. Within TCOAC, Wencesslas sees so many opportunities to progress in life. 

He is particularly thankful for Papa Malaki (Isai Torres) for this specific word that touched his life: “If you have needs in your life don’t turn your eyes to me, because I am not capable to give satisfaction. I will fall short but call on God. He is able to do everything and even more than we can imagine!” Wencesslas was especially touched by how humbly Isai shared his dependency on God.

Wencesslas has an abundance of gratitude for his supervisors who all work to create a peaceful setting.  He says, “In our work relationships, the purpose is never to diminish someone but encourage everyone to use their strengths as far they can. The focus is not about our own disabilities but to see how we can be reinforced. I see the grace of God in those who lead us.”

Wencesslas knows he is learning so much during his time at TCOAC and Cornerstone Clinic.  He is creating powerful values for his present and future life journey!

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