Cornerstone Clinic Staff Spotlight: Dr. Eric

We are so blessed to have a caring, faith-filled staff at Cornerstone Clinic and we thought you all would like to meet them too!  This month’s spotlight shines bright on one of our staff doctors, Dr. Nimubona Eric.

Dr. Eric has been with TCOAC for two years and eight months.  Dr. Eric explains that he gave his life to Jesus when he was in his first year of medical school.  After a few months, he understood that his motivation to do his very best at the university was directly tied to God’s calling for him to be a doctor.  He made a promise to God that when he finished his studies, he would work in a missionary hospital as a volunteer for several months before looking for a paid position.

When Dr. Eric completed his studies, God told him that He was going to send him somewhere that needed him.  Dr. Eric didn’t know where he was going but four months later, he started working at TCOAC as a volunteer.  Dr. Eric rejoiced because God led him to TCOAC.  After one year, he was offered a full-time paid position. Dr. Eric’s motivation remains the same: Serving the Lord who first saved him.

Dr. Eric shares that Cornerstone Clinic is visited by thousands of patients from Bukeye and beyond because people feel the love of God when they come to the clinic.  Dr. Eric sees the Clinic’s biggest challenge as our ability to offer timely and appropriate diagnostics with limited laboratory testing.

When asked about his greatest joy, Dr. Eric says that TCOAC helped him become the doctor he dreamed he would be.  He had a dream to be a doctor who, through the love of God, brings many souls to Christ. He has witnessed firsthand hundreds of patients coming to Christ after being touched by the love of God.  Dr. Eric rejoices in being able to work alongside people who are Christ-centered and how collectively they have been able to make such a positive impact in this rural area of Burundi.

Dr. Eric’s wish is that we all will move from glory to glory for the glory of God.  

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