Cornerstone Clinic Staff Spotlight: Dr. Viator

With only 500 doctors estimated to be practicing in the entire country of Burundi, we are grateful to have Dr. Viator serving as our Medical Director for Cornerstone Clinic.  We hope you enjoy getting to know Dr. Viator and join us in praying for his continued dedication, love and care for our patients and our mission. 

Dr. Viator has been with TCOAC for three years and five months and currently serves as our Medical Director.  In 2014, God put into Dr. Viator’s heart the vision of working in Muramvya Province for an organization that cares for children and TCOAC had been operating in that exact province for two years.  Later in 2016, a friend shared with him a job posting for a new clinic (Cornerstone Clinic) being built by TCOAC.  When Dr. Viator realized that this new clinic was based in Muramvya Province, he remembered God’s call for him and immediately applied for the job. 

Dr. Viator shares, “when I heard about TCOAC’s vision and all their wonderful projects, I was convinced that I would become a part of the team no matter the cost of leaving my government job.” A little while later, Dr. Viator’s wife received joyful news that she had been given an unexpected position with TCOAC! That was further confirmation that TCOAC was where God wanted Dr. Viator to serve the people of Muramvya Province.

At the beginning of Dr. Viator’s tenure at the clinic, he was concerned that he would no longer be able to perform caesarean deliveries and viewed the setting of a health center as a hindrance because he would be limited in the level of care he could provide.  After three years and witnessing countless miracles through the lens of his faith, he now sees how the staff is committed to doing everything possible to care for the clinic’s patients despite limited resources. He also is grateful for the ongoing support of the TCOAC family in helping to secure needed supplies, ongoing training, and proper medical space to ensure each patient is seen and heard.  Dr. Viator also notes that it can be challenging, at times, when a wide range of lab tests are not readily available.  This can make diagnosis and treatment difficult.  As Medical Director, he has helped to build relationships among the medical community in Bukeye and beyond in order to properly serve our patients at Cornerstone Clinic. 

Dr. Viator’s greatest joy is seeing so many patients come to Cornerstone Clinic.  He shares, “I am thankful when I hear good reports about our clinic.  Many share that other clinic pale in comparison to ours.”  Through TCOAC, Dr. Viator is able to treat illnesses and diseases in the early stages.  This is typically not the case due to the long distances patients must travel to health care facilities and lack of money.  Dr. Viator’s ability to deliver timely diagnosis and treatment is making a significant impact on the mortality rate among his brothers and sisters in Burundi.

One of our greatest joys is seeing Dr. Viator in action.  He embodies our mission in the way in which God envisioned for him. And for that, we are blessed.

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