Our Partners

Spiral Horn Coffee Company knows coffee and we are so grateful for their partnership to create a specialty roast from Burundi.  Spiral Horn is dedicated to the science and technique of roasting exceptional coffee and to the coffee farmers who depend on it.  We share a common goal of transforming lives in Burundi and all profits from the sale of this speciality roast will be donated to support our work.  Purchase now and make a difference.  One cup at a time.

Think East Africa is a Bujumbura-based NGO committed to providing long-term clean water solutions to all of Burundi.  Their support includes having a shared vision to lift up the people of Burundi,  as well as helping to bridge relationships that have contributed greatly to the sustainability of our work.

Our strong partnership with Samaritan’s Purse has led to the donation of critical medical equipment and supplies for our Cornerstone Clinic and future Maternity wing.  Our alignment in faith and mission has enabled us to make a greater impact in transforming the lives in Burundi.

In partnership with LifeNet International, we have provided ongoing training, support and evaluation for our Cornerstone Clinic and clinic staff, which is helping to raise the standard of care to the surrounding Bukeye Commune.