The Village of Jeremiah 29:11

The projects of The Cries of a Child include the development of family based Children’s homes, a kitchen, a trade school, a community meeting room, and a medical clinic, all to be situated on the 4 ½ acres of The Jeremiah 29:11 Village. The development of the village will be a blessing from God to minister to the social, academic, health, and spiritual needs of the children and families in the surrounding communities.

The Bukeye Medical Clinic

The medical clinic in The Jeremiah 29:11 Village will be a life changing facility for the communities surrounding Bukeye, Burundi. *Currently in Burundi 1 in every 125 women and 1 in every 17 babies do not survive childbirth. This clinic will provide much needed primary healthcare services as well as services such as prenatal sonogram monitoring and cesarean sections.

*Statistics from The World Fact Book,

Family Based Children’s Homes

In many poverty-stricken countries, children who have lost their parents are labeled “orphans,” stripped of their family and identity, and become merely statistics. We understand that these orphaned and abandoned children, most of whom have suffered extremely traumatic experiences, are not statistics.

Hope for the Holidays

In this Season of Thanksgiving and Celebration
You can feed the Hungry;
You can heal the Sick;
You can give hope to a Child;
You can restore the Heart of Compassion.
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