Children’s Homes

Our family-based children’s homes bring adoption and redemption in the face of abandonment.

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In many poverty-stricken countries, children who have lost their parents are labeled “orphans,” stripped of their family and identity, and become merely statistics. We understand that these orphaned and abandoned children, most of whom have suffered extremely traumatic experiences, are not statistics.

They are children, with individual names and individual histories, and who have very individual needs. We believe in our mission to transform these nameless, faceless “orphans” to children with families who love them and who will provide for them and guide them. And it’s working. Our two children’s homes were specifically designed to provide the love and support these children need to help them heal and overcome their often-traumatic pasts. Although they come to us orphaned and or abandoned, they are ‘adopted’ into our family. You will see it if you meet them. They will grab your hand and eagerly introduce you to their “Mama” and their brothers and sisters. They are not orphans. They are our children.

Each home can house up to 8 children, along with one Burundian Mama. There are also a number of loving support staff onsite sharing our goal to love, embrace and support these amazing children who have incredible destinies. The homes opened in January 2011 and we have come such a long way together.

We currently have 17 children and our oldest is 18 years old and our youngest is 6 months old. The stories of redemption-both of our children and the staff-are endless and inspiring. Some of our older children are learning to play musical instruments and computer typing skills, in addition to their schoolwork. And, after much begging and pleading from the children, we have also started a Burundian drumming group. These children are the living proof of God’s declaration that He would set the lonely in families.

Looking ahead, we will continue to identify the most at-risk children in the area and have plans to expand our capacity by building four additional children’s homes and two transition homes to help our young adults reintegrate into their communities and prepare for marriage and/or careers. We believe in family as one of the most basic and essential forms of community, and in its ability to strengthen and empower children who otherwise lack this foundational support and unity.

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