Future Programs

4 Family-based Children’s homes, 2 Transitional Children’s Homes

Our two children’s homes create a family-based environment, designed to provide the love and support these children need to help them heal and overcome their often-traumatic pasts. Although they come to us orphaned and or abandoned, they are ‘adopted’ into our family. Looking ahead, we will continue to identify the most at-risk children in the area and have plans to expand our capacity by building four additional children’s homes and two transition homes to help our young adults reintegrate into their communities and prepare for marriage and/or careers. We believe in family as one of the most basic and essential forms of community, and in its ability to strengthen and empower children who otherwise lack this foundational support and unity.

Our Technical School

Our technical school will inform and empower the population of Bukeye by expanding awareness of various occupations and by equipping enrolled individuals with skills that will enable them to increase their income and find employment wherever they may wish to live. By helping students develop the skills they need to obtain meaningful employment, we can, in turn, combat poverty in the commune and help create greater economic stability in the entire region. In addition to offering trade-specific curriculum, the school will also offer general classes such as Computer classes and the English language. The school will employ local staff in coordination with volunteers from abroad to facilitate the free exchange of technical knowledge and innovation.

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