Medical Clinic

Our medical clinic gives life and dignity in the midst of suffering and vast hopelessness.

We opened our clinic doors on June 13th, 2016!

Cornerstone Clinic is committed to bringing holistic healthcare to families across the community of Bukeye and beyond through dignified and compassionate care. We serve a community of 80,000 people and believe that when the health is restored people are empowered to build strong families and serve their communities well.

We are witnessing immense transformation through having a well-run, well-staffed and well-stocked medical clinic nearby that is affordable and cares about the community!

Our clinic currently provides Primary Care & Hospitalization and services include:

  • Consultations
  • Maternity Services / Sonograms
  • Short-term Hospitalization
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Minor Surgery
  • Disease Prevention / Health Promotion
  • Community Health Worker Program

In Burundi, Africa, 1 in every 125 women and 1 in every 17 babies do not survive childbirth. There is an urgent need for accessible healthcare in Burundi. In Muramvya province, population 300,000+, there is only one facility with a sonogram machine and the ability to perform Cesarean sections. This hospital is serviced by a single ambulance covering 28 clinics.

There are currently no facilities that can support complications during birth in the outlying commune of Bukeye, population 80,000, which is 30 minutes’ drive from the district hospital. It is not uncommon for a mother in distress to wait over 6 hours for the province’s only ambulance to arrive. By then, it is often too late.

Cornerstone Clinic is honored to meet that need in the near future through our Maternity Wing that will provide extensive maternity & newborn services to ensure Moms’ and babies’ have the chance they deserve to live.

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