Stories of Hope: Volume I

Redemption Deep Inside the Mountains of Burundi


Dear TCOAC Family,

We were so blessed to be able to come visit friends and family in the US in May and June and we returned to Burundi with a renewed sense of faith and hope in all that God is leading us to do.  Our Lord is present here–in our hands, in our hearts, in our children and our family.  Each of us, in our own unique way, has been called to love deeply and to be a beacon of hope to the hopeless and a light in the darkness. Your prayers and support change lives forever here.  We hope you enjoy reading  some of the recent news from the Village of Jeremiah.  With this issue, we are launching “Stories of Hope: Redemption deep inside the mountains of Burundi” and plan to send frequent updates about the lives and communities being transformed by God’s love.

In His love,
Samantha and Isai


Building For Our Future

We are beginning to plan for the 2nd phase of Cornerstone Clinic, which currently serves more than 1,300 patients each month on average.  Our planning includes surveying land, designing the building to serve our current and future needs, ensuring we have the necessary tools and materials and securing funding.  We are currently looking to purchase a cement mixer (estimated cost is $5,000) that will not only be used for new construction but also to help in the repair of some current structures.  If you feel called to support this specific investment or would like to give to our future building projects, please consider making a gift and praying for our continued growth.  

We look forward to sharing more building update in the coming months!

July Highlights From Cornerstone Clinic

  • We welcomed 47 newborns in July!  It is such a privilege to be able to provide quality care for each of our new babies and their mothers. Some days, we had up to four births!

  • Our newest program, Amagara Meza (translates to “Good health for mothers and babies”), is growing rapidly.  This month we served 601 children and helped with 33 births on the surrounding two mountains.  The mountains of Gahaga and Gaharo have a populations of more than 11,000 people and is a region that is very poverty stricken.

  • A total of 1,916 patients were cared for in our clinic.

  • Our staff performed 74 urgent and small surgeries, 234 sonograms, and 1,296 lab tests in the month of July.

TCOAC Family News

We are so excited to welcome two new children into our TCOAC family. Vyizigiro Eddy is four years old, and his sister, Nishimwe Eglantine, is just a baby. They have already endured a traumatic childhood that no child should witness but God led them to us. They will now know the love of God and family for the rest of their lives. Please pray with us that the love of God would enter into Eddy and Eglantine's hearts and bring complete restoration and healing to them.

Tony, who has been in our family for nine years, was accepted into Gitega International Academy and officially joined his fellow classmates on campus to begin his studies. The Academy was established in 2012 as Burundi's first Christian English-speaking, secondary boarding school and is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

We are so proud of Tony's accomplishments and they way in which the Lord is working in his life. We can't wait to see Tony continue on his educational journey. Please keep him in your prayers as he grows closer to Christ and becomes a godly leader.

One of our girls, Divine, worked as an intern in Cornstone Clinic for two weeks. Her help was much appreciated and it was wonderful to see how much she has grown in her love for service to her fellow brothers and sisters in need.

Our TCOAC family participated in “Summer Camp” where we spent time as a family focused on mission, sharing God’s gifts and having some good old fashioned fun.  The kids learned how to play the guitar and piano, Kirundi dancing and participated in art projects and worship and bible study.  We were honored to have both local and international teams come and join us to make the camp special for our children.  Our time together in worship was precious and we encountered God in ways we never have before.  Our children shared testimonials about their journey and how God continues to heal their hearts.  We grew closer as a family, we deepened our faith and we witnessed God’s joy!

Our girls learning Kirundi dancing during this year’s summer camp.

Partner Spotlight

Spiral Horn Coffee Company knows coffee and we are so grateful for their partnership to create a specialty roast from Burundi.  Spiral Horn is dedicated to the science and technique of roasting exceptional coffee and to the coffee farmers who depend on it.  We share a common goal of transforming lives in Burundi and all profits from the sale of this speciality roast will be donated to support our work.  Purchase now and make a difference.  One cup at a time.

God's Vision. Our Mission.

Our latest video gives an overview of our mission and vision.  We thank God for His goodness and faithfulness that is so evident day after day.

“For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." --JEREMIAH 29:11

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