Stories of Hope: Volume II

Redemption Deep Inside the Mountains of Burundi

Dear TCOAC Family,

We are excited to bring the latest news to you from Bukeye.  As we continue to watch God’s vision unfold in our family homes, our clinic and our community, we look upon each challenge as a blessing of growth, grace and gratitude. There is deep joy in the midst of the brokenness and our eyes and hearts stay focused on Jesus.  Our words and actions are extensions of Him and we remain steadfast in the living word of God which is represented in our statement of faith that guides us each and every day.

One of our board members shared the following quote with us:

“Sometimes I would like to ask God why he allows poverty, suffering, and injustice when He could do something about it.  But if I did, I’m afraid He would ask me the same question.”–Anonymous

As many of you know, the people of Burundi do not have the safety nets of government funding or stable non-profit organizations that care for the most vulnerable.  For the people of Bukeye, the Lord sees their need and we are thankful to be allowed to fill the gap within this amazing community. Where there is lack, His blessings are provided and where there is despair, His Word comforts and restores. Together, we are answering God’s call and giving hope to the abandoned, strength to the weak and love to the one.  Be encouraged.  Be blessed.  Thank you for walking beside us on this journey.

Deep Love in Jesus,
Isai and Samantha

Building For Our Future

We wanted to share an update on our construction plans and ongoing operational needs.  We were so blessed to receive a donation to purchase a cement mixer that was desperately needed for both our planned building projects and to repair some current structures.  We also received a donated 25 kW generator which will allow us to continue our work uninterrupted until we can fund and complete our solar panel project.    We also were able to purchase a new 18 seat passenger van for our community which will allow for reliable transportation in and around the mountains.

 Please pray for our continued growth and if you are called to support our efforts, please consider making a gift.  

We look forward to sharing more updates in the coming months!

Cornerstone Clinic Highlights

  • We continue to see a high number of sonograms, which is a good indication that more women are learning about the importance of prenatal care.  
  • We are working closely with the local provinces to receive supplies for ongoing malaria testing.
  • Through our program Amagara Meza (translates to “Good health for mothers and babies”).  In August, we served 485 children and 16 births and in September, we served 598 children and helped with 19 births on the surrounding two mountains. 
  • A total of 1,623 patients in August and 1,666 in September were served in our Cornerstone Clinic. 
  •  On Sept. 27th, one of our nurses gave birth at the clinic to a sweet baby girl, Gabriella!
  • Our staff performed 69 urgent and small surgeries, 238 sonograms, and 1,029 lab tests in the month of August. In September, our staff performed 60 urgent and small surgeries, 228 sonograms, and 931 lab tests.

Pictured above from left to right: Lydie, Claudine, Edmond, Emanuel, Wenslas, Dr. Viator

Meet the Hygiene Team at Cornerstone Clinic!  We value their contribution to our overall mission and their work is critical to maintaining a clean and sanitary environment, in addition to ensuring the space is welcoming and honors the Lord.  This team helps us to be good stewards of all our blessed resources and they are keenly focused on every aspect of environmental hygiene within our clinic.  

Please keep this team in your prayers as they lift up our staff and patients in the name of the Lord!

TCOAC Family "Amakuru"
(News in Kirundi)

As we shared in our last newsletter, Tony was accepted into Gitega International Academy, which is a private Christian English-speaking secondary boarding school. He started this fall as a 7th grader.

Tony is doing great! We were able to visit him a few weeks ago. The school hosted a recent Parent Visit Day and his “Mama” and one of our teachers spent the day with him on campus. Tony’s teachers at Gitega share that he’s adjusting well, studying hard, asking questions and making high marks. Tony shared that while it has been challenging to be away from his family, he feels this is God’s plan for him. 

Please join us in praying for Tony and we will share more updates soon!

We have started a preschool for our youngest children.  We are able to pour into them good values and teach them about the Lord.  Our curriculum will help build a strong educational foundation through exposure to academic and social skills, as well as speech and motor skillsThey are having a lot of fun too!  

Social Program Testimonies

In each newsletter, we will be sharing stories of redemption and hope that we have witnessed firsthand through our Social Program.  In 2014, we started our Social Program where we receive people, sit with them and hear their situations, counsel and pray for them and finally see how we can intervene, support or refer their situation to other organizations with whom we work closely. 

As part of our Social Program, we offer a Milk Program for newborns and babies, many of whom have lost their mothers during childbirth or due to illness.  Recently, we were able to serve Corine, (her name has been changed for privacy reasons) who came to us weighing just 2 kg (around 4 lbs) at three months old–just to put this into perspective, the average weight for a 3 month old is 13-15 lbs.  The majority of the babies this small and malnourished do not survive.

Corine’s mother was very malnourished herself and impoverished like many of our brothers and sisters in the mountains of Bukeye.  Through our Social Program, we were able to pray over, encourage and feed baby Corine.  She started on formula and has transitioned to cow’s milk.  We educated Corine’s mother on how to wash bottles and safely prepare Corine’s food to ensure she does not suffer from infection.  

Corine now weighs 5 kg (11 lbs) and is pictured above.  She is a miracle baby. 

Our Social Program reaches into the far corners of the mountains, into the depths of despair to deliver Jesus’ message.  
He asks us to stop for the one.  To see and love them. To help and restore them.

Partner Spotlight

Impact is part of the youth ministry branch of Liebenzell Mission International and their brave motto is to make an impact and get an impact for Jesus! They offer opportunities for young adults to serve the Lord in countries abroad and support missionaries in their ministries. These young adults are full of God’s love and hope and share it freely with our children through educational activities, connecting with local youth in the community and spreading the love of Christ in so many ways.

“For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." --JEREMIAH 29:11

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