Stories of Hope: Volume III

Redemption Deep Inside the Mountains of Burundi

Dear TCOAC Family,

We are excited to share the latest news as we enter into 2020!  As we continue to watch God’s vision unfold in our midst, we remain thankful for all that He has allowed us to do.  The new year brings new hope and broader horizons.  It brings renewal and redemption.  We feel that God’s plan is unfolding in exciting and unexpected ways for the Village of Jeremiah and we stand with open arms and open hearts to receive all that He lays upon us.  Be encouraged.  Be blessed.  Thank you for walking beside us on this journey.  

Deep Love in Jesus,
Isai and Samantha

Building For Our Future

We have started to clear the land for our Maternity Wing, which will enable us to truly transform pre and post natal care for thousands of women and children in the Bukeye community and beyond.  We are currently clearing the land, finalizing building construction and working to secure equipment and staffing needs. 

                                                                                                      Building and Program Background and Highlights
  • As a nation, Burundi has a maternal mortality rate that ranks 7th highest in the world and 1 in 5 children die before age five.  These statistics are for the nation as a whole but the population surrounding the proposed Maternity Clinic is among the poorest in the nation and currently has essentially no access to this level of care. 

  • The addition of this project would conservatively impact between  85,000-100,000 people and possibly many more. The capital city, Bujumbura, is an hour away by car and Gitega, the second largest city, is 1 1/2 hours away. Our referral hospital is faced with its own challenges in caring for a large population. These are the closest options with both incubators and C-section capabilities but access to transportation, costs, road infrastructure and security at night make these options generally prohibitive. 

  • The procedures that would be performed in the maternity wing include: full maternal fetal medical services including deliveries, prenatal and post-natal care; treatment for cares for other diseases that may appear during pregnancy (malaria, urine infection, diabetic), diagnostic procedures, instrumental deliveries, caesarean sections and care of premature infants with incubator and oxygen therapy.   

  • In addition to the building costs, we anticipate an increase in staffing costs to ensure all services can be performed accurately, professionally and with God’s grace.  An additional 10-15 staff members are slated to be hired. 

  • We have been blessed to identify a partner committed to building a solar energy system for the clinic and another partner has already provided our equipment; however, we will likely have additional equipment needs as we move forward with implementation of services. 

  • While we have secured a good portion of our funding to begin building the maternity wing, we continue to seek additional funding to complete the project.  Currently our need is $50,000.  We are continuing to ask the TCOAC family to prayerfully consider supporting this project.   

Cornerstone Clinic Highlights

  • A record number for sonograms! In January, 291 women were able to receive prenatal care and we are grateful to Dr. Viator for his skills in caring for these women during a critical time in their pregnancy.  Women continue to come from very far for sonograms and some are simply walking in and requesting the service. 

  • We reached an all-time record in patients at the Clinic and through our Amagara Meza program! 2,483 patients in January. 

  •  In January, we served 810 children and 16 births on the surrounding two mountains through our Amagara Meza Program. 

  • We helped bring a total of 22 babies into the world in January. 

  • Our staff performed 166 urgent and small surgeries and 1,490 lab tests in January. 

Staff Spotlight

We are bringing you a little closer to Bukeye with our staff spotlight that shines bright on Lydie Wolff.  Visit our blog to learn more about Lydie’s journey to TCOAC and her passion to serve.  

TCOAC Family "Amakuru"
(News in Kirundi)


Back to School!

After a short time at home with our family, our students returned to school and their studies.  We are so incredibly proud of their dedication and accepting God’s plan for each of their educational journeys.
Please pray for their safety and wisdom!

Eddy et Eglantine 2

Eddie and Eglantine!

As you may remember, we welcomed these two beautiful children into our family last fall after they suffered unimaginable family loss and tragedy.  Both have adjusted well to the new life God has given them!

Méditation matinale clinique

Praise and Worship

It is His love that brings true transformation. We know that to truly love God means one has to share about Him for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Our morning devotion and prayer with our community bears witness to our continued dedication to this part of our ministry.

 “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”
–Matthew 18:20 NIV

Welcoming US Visitors

We welcomed U.S. board members and friends to the Village of Jeremiah in January.  We absolutely loved having our visitors here to witness our work and empower our family, staff and partners across all our programs to continue our mission.  We visited various villages and shared the Gospel and attended local church services and focused on God’s presence.  A visit to see Tony at Gitega International Academy was a highlight as well!  Our visitors also came bearing gifts!  We are so grateful for those who made purchases from our Wish list in support of our work. 

Murakoze (Thank you!)

Mission In Action

In each newsletter, we will be highlighting one of our grassroots programs and this month we wanted to share our Amagara Meza Program.  Started in May 2018, this program was created to serve as an outreach to the surrounding population so our community could gain access to TCOAC services.  The vision is to bring transformation to our neighbors through good care, especially for mothers and children.

 Program Highlights
  • The program serves children 0-5 years old and pregnant mothers. The area in which we are serving has around 16,000 people. 

  • In 2019, 2,140 children were registered in the program. 

  • Our thorough registration process allows us to gather demographic information on each participant so we can learn about our community to better serve them.  Information such as number of family members, possession of animals, previous illnesses, transportation accessibility, number of fields, etc.) 

  • The program includes the following services: consultation, laboratory exams and testing, medications, small surgeries, hospitalization, deliver and transport to local hospital. 

  • The success of the program relies on our continued outreach and involvement of the community.  We work closely with mountain chiefs, community health agents, commune administration and our own Social Program team to ensure collaboration and execution. 

  • The future growth of the program is certain.  In 2020, the program will likely expand in terms of number of people served.  There is another mountain area that we would like to begin serving; however, additional funds would be needed to move forward. 

Partner Spotlight

Liebenzell Mission International

Liebenzell Mission International (LMI) is a German Mission Organization with 230 missionaries in 25 countries around the world. The organization has been called to be in God’s service around the world—Reaching people with God’s love.  LMI has been serving in Burundi since 1992 and we were blessed to begin our partnership in 2016.  Our shared goal of reaching people with God’s love has enabled us to welcome LMI missionaries into our village for various periods of time to make a lasting impact.

“For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." --JEREMIAH 29:11

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