Stories of Hope: Volume IV

Redemption Deep Inside the Mountains of Burundi

Dear TCOAC Family,

We continue to pray for each of you.  We pray for your safety, health and well-being during these unprecedented times. We are encouraged to trust in God’s plan and we remain steadfast in the guidance He gives us every day.

As you will read below, many blessings have been bestowed on the Village of Jeremiah:  celebrations, births, testimonials, stories of transformation and deep joy in what the Lord has brought into our lives.  We continue to be encouraged.  To be blessed.  We look upward and onward. We lift our hearts to God knowing all goodness resides in His vision. 

Thank you for walking beside us on this journey.  

Deep Love in Jesus,
Isai and Samantha

Celebrating Four Years at Cornerstone Clinic

In June, we celebrated four years of Cornerstone Clinic serving the Bukeye community.  The blessings provided have been abundant and below are some of the statistics that speak to His Grace.  What is difficult to quantify is the love, care and hope that is given to all who enter our Clinic.  The countless prayers that are shared, the meaningful hugs or touches of love and the moments of deep joy we find in seeing the transformation of our patients and thus, their future. God’s Work.  Our Hands.
Anniversary Highlights
  • We started with 13 staff members and have grown to 36 staff members.
  • Total number of patients served since our opening is 75,666.
  • The procedures that would be performed in the maternity wing include: full maternal fetal medical services including deliveries, prenatal and post-natal care; treatment for cares for other diseases that may appear during  
  • We have welcomed 761 babies into the world since our opening.
  • 3,176 patients have been hospitalized since our opening and received further care that would not have been possible.
  • Patients are traveling from farther and farther away to seek medical services at our Clinic.  They share with us that they would rather invest toward additional transportation fees instead of going to the nearest health facility because  Cornerstone Clinic is built upon Scripture principles.  The clinic is gaining a positive reputation because of our very warm welcome to all patients and our staff’s care and concern in explaining the patient’s illness, treatment options and follow-up care. 
  • The needs of the Bukeye community are increasing and we are working on ways to respond to further support our brothers and sisters.  We ask that you continue to pray for our staff, patients and TCOAC family and if you are called to make a gift, we are grateful for your trust in our vision.

Cornerstone Clinic Highlights

nurse training at the clinic
Pictured above: Our monthly nursing staff meeting. This month we discussed specialized care for our pediatric patients.
    • We served 1,653 patients. 
    • Within our program Amagara Meza (translates to “Good health for mothers and babies”), we served 432 children and 17 births. 
    • We helped to bring a total of 21 babies into the world. 
    • 41 patients were hospitalized and we performed 201 sonograms. 
    • Our staff performed 41 urgent and small surgeries and 1,132 lab tests. 
    • New statistics include: 71 immunizations, 25 prenatal consultations, 34 post-natal consultations and 500 infant consultations.

Staff Spotlight

We are bringing you a little closer to Bukeye with our staff spotlight that shines bright on Wencesslas.  Visit our blog to learn more Wencesslas’ about journey to TCOAC and his passion to serve.  

TCOAC Family "Amakuru"
(News in Kirundi)


Burundi Independence Day!

We celebrated Burundi Independence Day with our TCOAC family on July 1. Burundi gained its independence on July 1, 1962 and legally changed its name from Ruanda-Urundi to Burundi. We were so blessed to celebrate with our neighbors, brothers and sisters!


Impact Story: Kwizera Yvonne

We are excited to share a personal testimony from one of our children, Yvonne.  She is pictured above with her brother, Eric.  


Sharing Hearts.  Giving Hope.

This spring, Isai traveled to the US for a visit and during his time, he was able to speak to the congregation at Ascension Christian Center in Altamonte Springs, FL.  Ascension is a community church with the global vision of helping people to reach up into an intimate relationship with God through Jesus Christ and to reach out beyond the walls of the church with the good news of the Gospel. 

In addition to preaching the Word, Isai shared updates and testimonials about how TCOAC is bringing hope and redemption to the people of Burundi.  This amazing church community decided to support our efforts through a designated collection and the funds raised will have a direct impact on those we serve.  Praise the Lord! 

We are so grateful for God’s alignment of mission and vision with our brothers and sisters in Christ.  If your church community would like to learn about ways to support TCOAC, please contact us.  We would be happy to discuss how to make a difference together!

 “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”
–Matthew 18:20 NIV

Summer Camp 2020

This year’s Summer Camp has been full of fun and focus on the Lord!  Our younger children participated in various activities such as crafts, music, sports, library visits, computer competency classes, hikes and circle time where our discussion is focused on being a family on mission. 

Our older children enjoyed a summer focused on devotion, building a foundation in technology, music and community outreach,  The community outreach consists of our group sharing the gospel with our neighbors–visiting their homes, hearing their stories, witnessing their pain and staying present to share the message of God.  In August, we have a trip planned in Burundi and a spiritual retreat as well. 

Celebrating Two Years of Amagara Meza Program

The Amagara Meza program has been in existence for 2 years now and we have witnessed firsthand the power of God’s work in the lives of our mothers and children within the program.  The initial goal for the program was to offer free and complete medical care to mothers and children under the age of five to help jumpstart a healthy life and decrease the childhood mortality rate within our community.

With two successful years under our belt, we lifted our hearts to the Lord and asked for further guidance on how to move this program forward.  We asked how we could make an even bigger impact and offer further transformation to our community.  We have been guided towards creating a preventative care program within Amagara Meza where we will begin to track the patient’s weight, height and overall wellness around their birthdays to help invest in their long term health and well-being. These “wellness checks” will further support our goal to decrease the childhood mortality and allow us to play a larger role in the overall health of our community.  The program will include in-home visits and ongoing support beyond the five year old age of life marker.

We know transformation happens when people are supported, educated and loved. Please pray for our continued guidance as we embark on the next journey for this program.

Partner Spotlight

Amazi Water is a Bujumbura-based NGO committed to providing long-term clean water solutions to all of Burundi.  Their support includes securing critical supplies and materials for our patient-focused projects and giving in-kind donations to support our work. 

Sharing a keen vision to lift up the people of Burundi,  as well as helping to bridge relationships that have contributed greatly to the sustainability of our work, we are grateful to witness transformation alongside this dedicated partner.

“For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." --JEREMIAH 29:11

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