Stories of Hope: Volume VI

Redemption Deep Inside the Mountains of Burundi

Dear TCOAC Family,

We are happy to bring you the latest news from Burundi!  We are so grateful for God’s steadfast love and guidance as we continue to fulfill His mission.  Each day brings great challenges and great joy, this is the road upon which transformation takes place.  It’s the moments in between–the silence of sitting and praying with a patient; the open hearts of our children as they grow deeper in their faith; the smiles and embraces of our neighbors as they realize they are not alone–this is where Jesus lives.  This is where His love is known.

We continue to thank God for your prayers, thoughts, and belief in all that is good here at the Village of Jeremiah.  We look forward to sharing more good news in the months to come!

Deep Love in Jesus,
Isai and Samantha

Cornerstone Clinic News

Pictured at top: We treated this sweet child in our emergency room this past month.  Pictured on bottom: Nurse, Thierry, with a new mother and baby!

Cornerstone Clinic: 2020 In Review

Staff Spotlight

We are bringing you a little closer to Bukeye with our staff spotlight that shines bright on Jerome. Visit our blog to learn more about Jerome’s journey to TCOAC and his passion to serve.  

TCOAC Family "Amakuru"
(News in Kirundi)

Graduation Celebration!

Our precious son, Eric, graduated in February!  We rejoice in what the Lord has done in Eric’s life and can’t wait to see where his journey leads.  All glory be to God for this amazing 12-year dream that has finally come true for Eric.

Visit from First Lady's Association

The First Lady’s Association came to visit us and encourage us in our work for the people of Burundi.  We were honored to be in their presence and share news about our mission and how God’s love has transformed so many lives.

Yvonne's Baptism

Our beautiful, Yvonne, was baptized on Saturday, February 27, with her community and family celebrating with her!

Glory be to God!

Retreat 2021

We were able to go on retreat with our older children to focus on what it means to be a family on mission and their journey.  It was so deep and amazing to witness how God continues to work in their lives!

Alice's Surgery

Our sweet Alice traveled to Kenya (with Lydia, pictured) to receive a life-changing surgery to improve her hearing.  For the majority of her life, Alice has not been able to hear but thanks to the generosity of a TCOAC donor and friend, Alice had surgery earlier this year and is recovering successfully!  She will return to Kenya in June or July for a follow-up visit.  We are so thankful for the giving hearts of our TCOAC family and God’s healing hands on Alice!.

Mission In Action

We continue to prepare for the next phase of building our Maternity Wing, which will serve the great Bukeye community and enable us to fulfill our mission of helping to change the trajectory of lives for mothers and children.  

Social Program Highlights

In 2014, we opened up a Social Program where we receive people, sit with them and hear their situations, counsel and pray for them and finally see how we can intervene, support, or refer their situation to other organizations with whom we work closely.  Above are some recent highlights–A Rice Plantation that was planted and is being maintained by our families and purchased livestock that is cared for so they can create a sustainable food source and also share livestock offspring with each other.  

Ten families are chosen each year to participate in the Social Program.  We help teach them about hygiene and safety, food sustainability such as home gardens and livestock, family support, medical and mental health support, school scholarships, and building each other’s houses and working together in the community.  Our goal is to help them find ways in which they can be active participants in changing the trajectory of their family’s lives and lift each other out of the depths of poverty and despair.

Discipleship is a large part of this outreach program as well.  We emphasize community through bible teachings and show how Jesus stopped for the one.  He lifted up each person with whom He saw in need.  Our families begin to understand they are stronger together–both in their daily lives and in their love for Jesus, our Savior.

“For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." --JEREMIAH 29:11

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Graduation Celebration!