Community Outreach

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Community Outreach

The Journey to Burundi, Africa

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Our Community Empowerment Program helps us to understand the community’s hardship better. Our community empowerment program focuses on evangelism and empowering the local community to bring transformation. This program goes hand in hand with our other projects as avenues to share the gospel and holistically reach out and empower the whole person. We do weekly outreach and evangelism in the community and believe He will draw all men unto Himself as we lift His name on high. Through our empowerment programs, we do different training modules to empower families to come out of poverty, allowing them to be active members of their communities.

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our social programs


In addition to TCOAC projects at the Village of Jeremiah, there has been an increasing influx of people from the local community of Bukeye, and surrounding areas, coming to us to ask for help in desperate circumstances. So in 2014, we opened up a Social Program where we receive people, sit with them and hear their situations, counsel and pray for them and finally see how we can intervene, support, or refer their situation to other organizations we work closely with.

An essential aspect of this program is to investigate each case we are considering supporting. We visit the family home and talk with community members and neighbors to ensure the information is true. This investigation enables us to assist people effectively and emphasizes the need for trust and honesty in the relationships we build. We also keep comprehensive files for each person that has been a part of this program that helps us to see the transformation and change that has taken place over the years.

In our social program, we have the following programs available facilitated by our social workers:

  • Formula/cow milk support for babies who can’t breastfeed (often due to the mother dying)
  • Medical support for major medical cases that need to be transferred to a hospital
  • Food packages for families that are struggling to survive
  • Malnutrition support for families with children who are malnourished
  • Training and implementing home gardens
  • Counseling for rape, abuse, and conflict
  • School sponsorship for students
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working with the community

Beacon of Hope

We work closely with the local government and community members. We desire not to build dependency but rather give a helping hand for a necessary period, point them to Jesus, and empower them to use their struggles as building blocks to move forward. In many cases, our social program beneficiaries are put into a work program that enables them to work and pay back their financial support.

In addition to our social program, our heart is to go out weekly to share the gospel and pray with people. We have also done various outreaches in the community by sharing the Jesus film, distributing seeds for planting, and giving goats to local families.

Jesus asks us to stop for the one, see them, and be compelled by love to do something. So we want to walk this out here in our village. We love deeply and strive to be a beacon of hope to the hopeless and light in the darkness.

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our impact

Hope for Burundi

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our approach

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medical clinic

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The King will reply, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

Matthew 25:40 (NIV)