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Clinic Staff Spotlight: Jerome

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Clinic Staff Spotlight: Jerome

Stories that have touched me profoundly

My name is Jérôme and I am married and a father of two children. I have lived in Bukeye for five years. In 2016, I started working at Cornerstone Clinic as a nurse, and today, I am the head nurse. It is my joy and privilege to serve the Lord in this setting with TCOAC. I would like to share three different stories that have touched me profoundly.

I met this young girl who came to the Clinic for treatment. The subject of my teaching at the clinic this day was if a patient suffers from a sexually transmitted disease, each of their partners also should be treated. By the grace of God, this young girl opened her heart and shared with me about her irregularities in life. When I shared with her about Jesus’ love, she decided to let go of her old life and welcome a new life where Jesus could transform her. Currently, she is still attending a church where she lives and walking the path of being a disciple of Christ.

One day, a woman came into our triage room at the Clinic. She was shivering in an abnormal manner. Then she spoke with a voice that was not her own. I interpreted this as she was demon-possessed. I laid my hands on her and prayed. God performed this miracle of deliverance and a few minutes later, she left able to claim what God had done in her life!

In our area, a harmful and dangerous practice has spread. Because there is a fear of untreatable diseases through the uvula, it is often removed during the very early stages of life. Not far from our medical center, there is a man who performs this surgical procedure and almost all the community makes use of this practice. Some babies are only three days old when the procedure is performed. At times, it is the grandmother who brings the newborn for the “traditional surgery” in a secretive way without telling the mother. Obviously, many of those children develop severe respiratory illnesses. I have met many babies who attend our vaccination services of vaccination ad many of them have had a uvulectomy. Our Clinic has organized outreach to the community to help fight against this unnecessary and dangerous procedure and to try and change the mindset of our population. Recently, I was working in vaccination services and I used this opportunity again to inform every mother of the dangers of their child having a uvulectomy. Many mothers testified that since the team at Cornerstone Clinic has been teaching about this bad practice, they now understand and have stopped participating in this practice. On this day, it was 100% of children did not undergo a uvulectomy. I was so thankful to see the impact of teaching on the mindset of the population for the benefit of the newborn.

I’m thankful to God for how He has performed changes within me by working with TCOAC. I could dare to say, I am someone growing and changing in my character. Self-control is the focus of where God is working in me. By this process, I am more able to collaborate in a worthy manner toward hierarchical superiors and subordinates. How God is working in me allows me to react adequately in my position of head-nurse.

Cornerstone Clinic is a medical center with a focus on curative, preventive, and promotional activities. The impact on the community is already obvious. I am convinced of the well-founded fact that we should invest in the preventive side of medicine. As we know, prevention is better than cure. The reports on our weekly medical outreach support this approach. We have the above examples that show how mindset is slowly changing through education and information. I am convinced that outreach produces significant changes in socio-economical development for our community. TCOAC is fulfilling its mission to bring about transformative change and we pray that each information/education session is an opportunity to manifest God’s love.

I am a nurse trained in public health and I furthered my studies in 2020. I am passionate about my community and my biggest wish is that God will always open doors for multi-sector development amongst our community. I dream that one day, we will see families testifying through TCOAC support and that they are financially empowered and autonomous.

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